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Torre Dell'Orso and beaches 'La Sorgente', 'L'Orsetta', 'Li Tamari'

Torre Dell'Orso is a beach of Adriatic Salento, beautiful, with fine white sand, crystal clear sea, protected by two rocky ridges. Attractive tourist destination, the sandy expanse takes various names in distinct spots , 'L'Orsetta', 'Li Tamari', 'La Sorgente' ..
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Tab of the seaside resort town of Salento (Puglia): Torre Dell Orso

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Torre Dell Orso

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Present amenities:

The wonderful beach of Torre Dell'Orso, is located near Sant'Andrea, at north of Otranto and south of Roca. A white expanse, about 1.5 km long, with fine sand (absolutely no pebbles), embraced by two rocky ridges (defendending it from North and South winds), backed by pine trees, offering a refuge from the heat of the sun and caressed by gentle sea breeze. Lovely sunrise, with the sun kissing the mirror of blue water, adding blue-green shades. The bay of Torre Dell'Orso, has the characteristic features associated with distinctive names. The most northern beach is called l'Orsetta (because of its proximity to the Tower of Torre Dell'Orso, from which the resort takes its name) and has an equipped lido same named and a free beach , closest to the tower. At the center there is the beach 'Li Tamari', mostly free, interposed between Lido Orsetta and Lido 'Baja d'Oriente'. At South we have 'La Sorgente', appealed as the source, forming a canal that flows into the sea. La Sorgente is faced by the impressive 'two sisters', two tall islands (which grow mainly in height), so called because alike two human figures. The 'Two Sisters' are symbol of this beautiful tourist destination. So in Torre Dell'Orso lidos (equipped and with water games) and stretches of free beach, divide the expanse, offering a spectacular view by the sea, while the Tower (Dell'Orso) watches from above, by dictating the laws of peaceful man / nature coexistence. Behind a village, unique for leaven and texture, woos tourists, offering everything you need, steaming breakfast with croissants, delicious ice cream, night entertainment and pastimes (romantic walks along the beach, pub and discotheque). Some summer nights watch the fireflies (small fires lit by a group of friends who await the dawn singing). There are plenty of sports entertainment, including the complex sports facility 'Giardini del Sole', a park, crossed through by the main street of the village, with inside: beach volleyball courts, tennis, side footbal, miniature golf, aquatic gocart for children and various playground and children games, playroom, restaurant / pizzeria 'Il Vesuvio 2' with great pizza by the meter. Adjacent the Giardini del Sole a beautiful residential neighborhood, with the note 'Piazza della Luna', which comprises a set of walking streets. The square with shops, pubs and restaurants (including one,'La Luna Blu' which loves to entertain guests with dance group and animation) is the area of most recent construction. Boasting a very clear sea, even thanks to the currents of the Strait of Otranto, with its wide beach of fine silver color, Torre Dell'Orso is a tourist destination of Adriatic Salento, which has never disappointed visitors and tourists, who increasingly many, love to come back becoming true veterans, devotees of this pearl of the Adriatic.

AMENITIES (presence of tourist attractions, art) of: Torre Dell Orso
White sandy beach; shady pine forest; water games: jet skis, Banana boats, canoes, pedal boats, pubs for drinks and cocktails (eg "Era Ora", with agreement, 10% discount for you); restaurants; discos nearby; platform (rocky stretch with a natural platform where peace and tranquility reigns); romantic waterfront; crystal clear water and more; "Giardini del Sole" (soccer, tennis, miniature golf, rubber mattresses, beach volleyball, restaurant, games room). Grotta della Monaca.

HOW TO REACH Torre Dell Orso
by car:
Coming from north, drive up the motorway A14 to Bari; continuing southward along the highway Bari - Lecce. Once you reach Lecce go along the provincial road to - Merine - Vernole - Melendugno - Torre dell'Orso.
by train:
By train (Trenitalia) Salento is reached along the Adriatic (Milan, Bologna, Pescara) or through the Rome - Caserta. Once in Lecce FSE bus can be used that take you up to Torre dell'Orso. (For more information www.salentointrenoebus.it)
by plain:
By plane you can reach Salento with a stopover in Brindisi, where you will choose to wait for the terminal that connects the airport to the center of Lecce or rent a car; if you choose the first option you can continue using the bus to Torre dell'Orso . (For more information www.salentointrenoebus.it)

The name derives from the presence on the coast, of a tower of the sixteenth century (the Tower Dell'Orso) used (like all the towers on the coast of Salento) in the past to sight the ships of Turkish, Saracen and pirates, directed toward Salento. According to some hypotheses, orso (bear), refers to the monk seal (mammal known to inhabit the area, the latest sightings date back to 1970). More likely would be attributable to Urso, the surname of the probable former owner of the agro. According to another interpretation, having the coastal towers usually names of saints, its name was to be Tower of St. Orsola, then Torre dell'Orso. Another argument is given by the fact that under the tower, there is a rock that abstractly represents the profile of a bear (looking at the beach, with the tower on your left, you will see a rock formation representing the profile of a bear with the nose and ears well defined). Over the years the erosion of weathering, such appearance has changed, but it is still clearly visible. Recent studies have found that the bay, in the past, was the port of the ancient temple town of Roca, and was a key stopover for sailors who came or went on the other side of Adriatic. In particular, the route that connects the bay the Valley of the Bear in Albania, and the bay of Torre dell'Orso, is the shortest path (80 km) that the sailors could do.

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