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See all our holiday rental houses.
See the offers of holiday houses for rent June, July, August or September 2012.
Don't know where to go? Take a look at Salento tourist resorts.
Look for the accommodation for a holiday in Puglia, among the various type of accommodations avalaible, or make a geographical research
Map of accommodations in Salento Studio flats for 2-3 persons Seaside apartments for families Villas and cottages for groups
homes for rent on the interactive map of Salento (Puglia) Studios on the sea for vacation of 2-3 persons Holiday apartments are ideal for family or group of persons 4-5-6-7-8 Villas and cottages by the sea for rent for groups or families
Make a geographical research about the houses we rent, finding them onto the Salento interactive map, you can evaluate position and sea distance, for choosing your summer holiday in the Salento coast.. For your holiday (2-3 persons' stay) pretty studio flats to rent in Salento, with gardens and all amenities, for a wonderful holiday for couple in Puglia, a trip in Salento to remember, astonish your partner.. Apartments to rent in Salento, convenient and comfortable stays in the magic Puglia, thanks to accommodations with all amenities, with 2 or 3 bedrooms for your family or your group, save money, the best prices ever.. Villas and cottages for rent in Salento, for 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 persons and more. Villas for holidays in Puglia, nearby the sea, beach or historical and artistic small town, ideal for even large groups, at very good prices..
Grab our offers, unbeatable prices, rented directly by owners, for providing you a economic holiday in the magic Salento (South Puglia)
Holidays June 2012 offers Holidays July 2012 offers Holidays August 2012 offers Holidays September 2012 offers
Visualizza le nostre offerte di immobili in affitto a giugno Vedi le case proposte in offerta a luglio Visiona gli appartamenti in offerta per il mese di agosto Vedi le offerte di case in affitto a settembre
What can be more pampering in June then a wonderful holiday nearby the sea? Not too crouded beaches, crystal blue water, allow a magic summer stay a thrift holiday with very good special offers.. Tired of working stress? Take a just holiday, July is maybe the best month to fully enjoy sun and sea of Salento, choose the house for rent at thrift price, have a holiday in the Salento coast.. Finally August holidays.. avoid nasty surprises, contact us, our owners have various kind of holiday accommodations, for the best quality/price range.. You are not going in holiday in August? No problem, September will be the period where you could spend your holidays with very low prices, good bargain houses, a special offer..
Wonderful historical or seaside resorts in Salento (Puglia), premises with discount agreement, special events, or evaluate the estate purchase
Tourist resorts in Salento (Puglia) Premises with 10% discount Summer venues in Salento (Puglia) Estates for sale, estates purchase
Coastal towns and tourist resorts of Salento (southern Apulia) Salento premises agreement with us (pubs, restaurants, pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, beaches) Summer venues of Salento (concerts, festivals, exhibitions) Property sales to buy property in Salento (southern Apulia)
Onto our site you will see the most beautiful resorts in Salento (Puglia) that deserv to be visited, during your holiday. You can find tourist, bathing, or coastal destinations, or historical and artistic towns with monuments.. Our costumers have various benefits, at your arrival you will receive complementary agreement's card for a 10% discount and special treat in selectioned premises in Salento (pizzerias, taverns, lidos).. Summertime Salento is full of venues! The wonderful starry night are made lively by various fairs, feasts, installations, concerts, gigs.. you can find here listed all summer venues and the characteristic patronal feasts.. Are you in love with Salento? Would you like to buy a house in Puglia? See our estates for sale, you can find the seaside or inland house in Puglia or even building or agricoltural plots..
Seaside house rentals (beach, coast, inland) holiday in Salento: "Salento will bewitches you.. is not a flash in the pan!" by Pugliaholiday.co.uk
Pugliaholiday.co.uk is a tourist-estate portal for supplying a 360° infomation, to let you spend wonderful holidays in Salento and stay in accommodations that suit your needs; if some problems in browsing occurs please see our site map; to see how to rent a house through us, please read our terms and conditions. Onto the site, there is a rentals' section, where you can find apartment for rent (studio flats, garden villas, apartments, farm houses) a for stumble prices (proposed directly by owners). On our accommodations there will be last minutes offers, in special periods: holiday offers June, July, August, September, offers for New Years, offers for weekend rentals.. very attractive, both for couples and groups of friends and families. You will therefore visit various tourist-bathing resorts, nearby a crystaliine sea or historic and artistic towns. With our agreement card, you will have a lot of 10% discounted opportunities, like: premises (pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, lidos) and wonderful boat trips living from the amazing Otranto. In the events' section you can find listed all feasts, festivals, gigs, installations. For advertisement, you can create your own ad for enter onto the site whathever you wish. Have a great holiday with Pugliaholiday.co.uk
PugliaHoliday.co.uk® is realized by Marcello Mariano, Real estate agent p.i. 04164010755, Carpignano Salentino, pr. via Isonzo (Le), not be reproduced

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